A tower in Shiraz, Iran



Knitting is the act of putting a yarn into loops and then putting it in the next loop so that it forms a coherent whole. Building is laying bricks in order to get a coherent whole. By varying the bricks, or the loop you get various patterns.


This is a knitted upholstery fabric made with a synthetic yarn that has been made weather proof. By adding chemicals and dyes to the spinning bath of the filament, the yarn can be made bacteria, chlorine, UV-radiation, salt water, fungi etc. resistant.


On a flat-bed knitting machine the yarn, by means of a yarn feeder, is inserted into the needles and passes a needle bar from left to right and back. A bar is a metal surface with needles. On a V-bed knitting machine you have an upper- and an under bar.

It is also possible to knit the yarn from upper- to under bar which produces a kind of circular knit.