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For the woven carpet (Pello Weave by Casalis) a sample was made to see which weave and pattern would be possible on the loom.

The patterns I show here are made on looms with 8 shafts which means that the patterns can only be simple.

The sample is made with a gorgeous alpaca yarn. Alpaca is the wool of the mountain lama, a camel-like species. The soft wool has a hollow core that holds the heat (or coolness) very well.

Pello Weave Casalis

For weaving you need a warp and a weft. The warp consists of one or more colours.

Each individual warp thread passes through a heddle bar, an eyelet in a shaft, and then through a reed. The shafts can move up or down leaving room for the weft thread. The shafts that move the warp threads up or down determine the definitive pattern.