every imaginable sort of label for sale at the bazaar in Teheran, Iran




For band weaving a very narrow loom is used, suitable for the production of labels and ribbons, or formerly: edge finishing for chairs and lamp shades. The labels of my own brand Knit-tet and TeTTeX are woven on such a loom.


For the New Years card for ‘van Engelen & Evers’ I photographed the band first, then the photo was woven on a jacquard machine, and then the band was stitched on again.

This is a perfect illustration of this company’s craftsmanship and expertise.

The labels of my own brand Knit-tet and TeTTeX are woven on a ribbon loom.


For weaving you need a warp and a weft. The warp is wound in one or more different colours.

Each warp thread subsequently passes through a heddle bar, an eyelet in a shaft, and then through a reed. The shafts then move up or down leaving room for the weft thread to pass through. The shafts that move the warp threads up or down determine the final pattern.

In jacquard-weaving each thread can be individually controlled (up or down) by means of a computer programme, in the past a punch card determined the pattern. De voorloper van de computer