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The design originates in the technique, in the options the machine has and in the characteristics of the yarn. Each yarn thus gets its own design.

The towel is knitted on a V-bed machine. By using this V-bed machine I was able to knit the yarns together in some parts, and separately in other parts. By means of this technique the knit is double layered which increases the drying capacity of the surface.


The yarn is composed of 40% modal, a high-end viscose which is a good moisture absorbent, but not strong, and 60% cotton. Cotton is strong and also has good moisture absorbing qualities.


To provide firmness or cohesion the layers are knitted together every 2 cm. On these spots the knit is thicker and broader. Resulting in beautifully undulating selvages, which is a true gift. The finish is a ribbing with an eyelet that provides an extra, subtle detail.


On a Flat-bed knitting machine the yarn passes a needle bar from left to right and back. A bar is a metal surface with knitting pins. On a V-bed knitting machine there is an upper-and under bar. The width can be adjusted at will, as opposed to circular knitting.

You can also knit the thread from upper- to under bar which creates a kind of circular knit.