white frost in the Pyrenees



Yarns with blades sticking out come in all kinds of variations.

Before you can process the blades, a yarn must be made from it. In this case the yarn is made on a ‘Feather Yarn making machine’ or a ‘Fancy Yarn Crochet Knitting machine’ (see youtube).


This feathery yarn was knit on a Rachel knitting machine with an inserted thread. Each (crochet)pin has its own yarn feeder that fixes the inserted thread that later becomes the feather. This is called feather yarn produced on a ‘Fancy Yarn Crochet Knitting machine’. The material chosen for the feather is a glossy polyester.

By tufting the feather yarn in a loop, the strands stick out above the surface, but, when tufted together with a thicker yarn, the surface is still firm.


Feather yarn is produced on a machine where the feed of the effect yarn consists of one thread. This thread then is hooked and fixed by another thread.