bark overgrown with moss.



In this knit I played with plating two colours and three different stitches. By alternating the face- and back loop, ànd a ribbing, where the stitches are knitted in turns, a blending of the two colours is created. This gives three different colour shades to the pattern.


The pattern is circularly knitted on a flatbed knitting machine. At the transition from upper bar to under bar the pattern must join up, as with the reductions to make the spherical shape.


Plating is a technique to produce a knit that has a different colour, or type of yarn on each side. Two different yarns are knitted at the same time. One yarn always covers the other; this is achieved by a yarn feeder with two openings.

On a flat-bed knitting machine the yarn, by means of a yarn feeder, is inserted into the needles and passes a needle bar from left to right and back. A bar is a metal surface with needles. On a V-bed knitting machine you have an upper- and an under bar.
You can knit the yarn from upper- to under bar which produces a kind of circular knit.