dahlia in my garden



With terry cloth we normally use 1 colour on top and one colour below: providing a two-colour warp. Here I will discuss the blending of 2-4 colours.
You can make blends by threading different colour in turns. Here I used 4 colours, divided over 2 loom beams. You can show the colour solid, or blended. Threading the warp is a huge job though.

In the flower in this design, the black weft yarn also plays a role, which is needed to stabilise the loop.

color mixes
design sketches
kettingboom met een zwart-witte ketting.
een uitgetrokken badstof weefsel met een zwarte ketting en lussen in blauw en groen.

For weaving you need a warp and a weft. The warp is set in one or more colours.

Each warp thread passes through a heddle bar, an eyelet in a shaft, and then through a reed. The shafts can move up or down leaving room for the weft thread. The shafts that move the warp threads up or down determine the definitive pattern.

In a Terrycloth weave the colour comes from the warp. It is a weave with 2 loom beams, 1 for the loops and 1 for fixing the loops.