So many beautiful textiles have been produced in such inventive ways!!

With the advent of the digitalisation our feeling for material and quality in the field of textiles has diminished considerably. To such an extent that I felt the need to share the knowledge of textiles that I have accumulated over the years during my career.

Man has always been inventive in finding production methods that are less time consuming. Traditional handiwork is being taken over by machines. Spinning yarn with a spindle or spinning wheel is now done with a spinning machine. Machine looms have replaced weaving by hand, for handknitting we developed the knitting machine, and hand-knotting of carpets can now be done with a robot tufting machine. All these industrial textile production techniques have been developed and steadily improved over the centuries.

Liset van der Scheer

New developments are brought to the market with textile as the basis such as: knitted shoes, textiles containing solar cells, medical textiles etc.
By giving more insight in the various techniques I hope that the textile industry will maintain and expands its versatility.

On this website KNOWHOW I discuss by and large the production methods of yarns, weaving, knitting and tufting. I exclusively present images of my own work, my inspiration and working method and I describe how I deal with the industrial textile techniques.

Photograph Annaleen Louwes