Barbie doll, dolls hair



What I show here is a filament yarn originally created for dolls hair. I was looking for a high-gloss yarn for a carpet and finally found this. A filament yarn which is made by pressing a liquid substance through the spinnerets. You then get an endless yarn.

A silk worm does the same when he makes a silk cocoon. The filament of a silk worm may be as long as 900 metres.

carpet sample made with doll’s hair yarn
colorcard doll hair

This is a synthetic raffia, made of a synthetic polypropylene, usually high-gloss and available in several colours. The production process is similar to that of plastic foil or plastic bags, and also to filament yarn.

Natural raffia is a product of the Raphia palm from Africa. The palm leaves are stripped, dried and dyed if necessary.


meer volume.

Filament yarn is either synthetic like polyester, or natural like viscose or latex.