algea green
sea algae on a rock in Normandy, France


algea green

Searching for a shiny yarn I finally chose a synthetic filament yarn. The fibre is originally used for doll’s hair. A yarn has to be spun before use. In this case a wispy kind of yarn.

By tufting the wispy yarn in a loop, the strands stick out from the fabric surface.


For this carpet, I tufted the wispy yarn with two strands of wool. The wool for volume and elasticity, the wisps for the shine.
Also a variation was made with two strands of acryl, especially for people with a wool allergy.


Tufting is a technique in which a tufting needle and/or a tufting gun by means of compressed air is pitted or shot through cloth. At the back of the cloth a loop pile is formed that can also be cut.
The pile always has to be fixed to the cloth, because otherwise you could pull the thread right out again. The fixation is usually done by means of latex.