regional museum in Sent, Switzerland, where I saw a knitted towel from 1850




Knitted revolution, that is what the client called the bathroom textile, new in the world of the bathroom. The hand-knitted look is associated with handicraft, stacks in the linen cupboard and fresh, flapping laundry on the clothes line. The mixture of 50% Cotton with 50% Acryl, ensures optimal moisture absorption, without the fabric becoming too heavy. By adding acryl, the colour remains stable for longer and the fabric remains flexible/supple.

Sample various knitting patterns

On a flat-bed knitting machine the yarn, by means of a yarn feeder, is inserted into the needles and passes a needle bar from left to right and back. A bar is a metal surface with needles. On a V-bed knitting machine you have an upper- and an under bar.

In 2005 I won the Dutch Design Award with this. The Jury report says:

Liset van der Scheer Studio presents an interesting line of knitted bathroom textile for review. The familiar knitting technique, here applied to modern bathroom textile, leads to a new product with an elegant appearance. The knitted material is applied in several current colour combinations. In addition to a fine tactility, the product offers good comfort of use due to its elasticity.