bark of a tree in Kenia



By first printing the yarn on the sliver and then processing it, you get a special, and in this case, natural effect.


The sliver here is printed before spinning. It is a 2-ply yarn. With this 2-ply yarn, a cabled yarn is twined with 3 threads.


Concentration of colours may occur, therefore a computer simulation has been made with a repeat of 80 meters.By printing on the yarn itself there is the risk that the dye does not penetrate completely into the fibre.


Yarn print is possible direct on the sliver as is done here, or injected into the yarn cone. The effect is different. There is more yarn on the outside than on the inside of a cone so that the printed pieces become narrower and narrower.

With Tie and Dye (tying and dying) sections of yarn are first bound tightly together and then the yarn is inserted in a dye bath.