sunset with mist hanging over the land, Spanish Pyrenees.




A colour gradient, or shadow stripe, serves to give depth to the design; from light to dark, or in a gradient of colours.


Here the weft colours for the shadow stripe are woven in the width of the cloth (up to 300 cm) and then used for the length, i.e. turned a quarter turn in order to be able to make seamless curtains.


I also tried to make a colour gradient combining various yarns, for instance: 4 white and 1 black thread, and then 3 white and 2 black etcetera up to 4 black, 1 white thread.


For weaving you need a warp and a weft. The warp is wound in one or more different colours.

Each warp thread subsequently passes through a heddle bar, an eyelet in a shaft, and then through a reed. The shafts then move up or down leaving room for the weft thread to pass through. The shafts that move the warp threads up or down determine the final pattern.