dried fish on the market in Graus, Spanish Pyrenees




For the development of a lampshade that can change its shape, I wanted to make use of the elasticity of knitting. The first design is a knit in which boning can be inserted so that you can have both a straight shape, and a spherical shape.


But, because the stretching was not optimal, we decided to solve the shape change by means of several 3 cm wide plastic strips around which a knitted sock can be pulled.

The sock is circularly knitted on a flatbed machine and is available in 30 colours and in any desired combination.

The plastic strips can be pushed into various shapes.

The lamp was designed in cooperation with Camille de Vrede.


On a flat-bed knitting machine the yarn, by means of a yarn feeder, is inserted into the needles and passes a needle bar from left to right and back. A bar is a metal surface with needles. On a V-bed knitting machine you have an upper- and an under bar.

You can also knit the yarn from the upper to the under bar thus creating a kind of circular knit.