Missoni is an Italian fashion brand that mainly markets warp knitted textile for clothes




I developed a knitted upholstery fabric because of the characteristic ‘stretch’, making it easier to upholster organic forms. But also, because in knitting you can achieve different structure effects than in weaving. Besides you do not need a warp for the production of the knit, so that smaller quantities are possible. Unlike warpknitting where each thread has its own thread feeder.

knitted furniture fabric
collection Missoni

test report for abrasion resistance. The Martindale test report gives not such good results as in weaving, because a knitted yarn has more room (to wear out) than a woven yarn.


On a flat-bed knitting machine the yarn, by means of a yarn feeder, is inserted into the needles and passes a needle bar from left to right and back. A bar is a metal surface with needles. On a V-bed knitting machine you have an upper- and an under bar.