beehive winter Pejo, Italy



Vlisco is a Dutch brand that prints batik-based textiles for the African consumer (wax-print).
Inspired by their designs with large patterns I wanted to develop upholstery fabrics. The patterns of which would challenge the upholsterer to play with them as I have done with cushions and hassocks for my own brand TeTTeX : www.tettex.nl


fabric Construction TeTTeX, Spectrum couch Martin Visser.


collection TeTTeX


The patterns are woven on a jacquard machine. The warp consists of 5 colours that, depends on the combination of colours, that come up. See ‘blanket’ with all the different blends. The weft consists of 2 or 3 colours.


For weaving you need a warp and a weft. The warp is set up in one or more colours. The warp thread subsequently passes through a heddle, an eyelet in a shaft, and then through a reed. The shafts can move up or down leaving room for the weft thread. The shafts that move the warp threads up or down determine the definite pattern.

In jacquard each individual thread can be controlled (up or down) by means of a computer programme, in the past a punch card determined the pattern.