cuddly orange mohair jumper, Louis Vuitton advert




Mohair yarn, is from origin, very soft and mostly used for jumpers, is here applied to create a fluffy carpet. By tufting the yarn in a loop, and not cutting it, you blow as it were with the tufting gun the loose fibre to the surface. The carpet keeps its strength because the rest of yarn is fixed in the loop construction.

presentation in Milan 2006 in combination with the Bonnet hassock for Casalis

colours alternately tufted

2 different colours in the tufting needle

solid colour

Tufting is a technique in which a tufting needle and/or a tufting gun by means of compressed air is pitted or shot through cloth. At the back of the cloth a loop pile is formed that can also be cut.
The pile always has to be fixed to the cloth, because otherwise you could pull the thread right out again. The fixation is usually done by means of latex.