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A slub yarn is a spinning effect with deliberate thickenings spun into the yarn. This to mimic the manual effect of linen- or shantung silk.

In the Buffo for Casalis I processed the yarn in a dégradé effect. This creates a beautiful gradient effect in colour because the 7 cm long, slub yarn, loosely tangles.


A dégradé, or shadow stripe provides depth to the design. From light to dark, in a gradient of colours.


A slub yarn is a twist- or twine effect whereby the speed of the sliver feeders differs.

Before the spinning process the raw materials are determined. They are then blended, combed and processed into a sliver lap from which one or more slivers are made. Then from the sliver a yarn is spun. The next step in the process is twining.

A single yarn is twisted, but not twined with a second thread. The yarn gets its strength by felting. For a twine effect two or more threads are processed.