polar bear
fur of a polar bear


polar bear

To get the effect of a polar bear skin I used a 100% mohair yarn. Mohair comes from the angora goat. The structure is that of silky hair, and very slippery, as opposed to wool with scales on the fibre.


The mohair in the sample is hand-knotted with untwined yarn, with just a single twist, which makes it hard to work with. It slips between your fingers. However , the end result is very true to nature.


All Textiles start with the raw material. That raw material forms the basis for the final properties of the woven or knitted fabric.

Before the spinning process the raw material is determined. Subsequently blended, combed and worked into a sliver lap from which one or more slivers are made. From the sliver the yarn is spun, then follows twining/twisting.